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Marukan Carrot Flavoured Puree for Small Animals 50g (ML189)

Marukan Carrot Flavoured Puree for Small Animals 50g (ML189)

Retail Price: SGD9.50

This carrot flavour is pureed for small animals to get better while communicating. This is a new puree type snack that you can choose from the way you want it, to be fed directly or eaten in a food bowl. No preservatives or synthetic colorings. Beta-carotene supports the health maintenance of immune function.

  • Good for eyes & immunity
  • Beautiful fur coat
  • Tasty
  • Easy to feed 

Ingredients: Carrot juice (7 times concentrated), sugar(sucrose oligosaccharide), vegetables oil & fats, dietary fiber B -carotene minerals (sodium chloride), thickening stabilizer (modified starch), PH adjustment food colouring red.

Product analysis (per 100g): Crude protein 0.1% & above, fats 0.2% & above, fiber 0.5% & below, ash content 2.6% & below, moisture 94.7% & below, calories approx.58 kcal , one stick approx. 5.8kcal

Capacity: 50g (10g x 5)

Suitable for:  Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas.

*Keep Refrigerated it after opening*

Barcode: 4906456567721

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