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Canine Tribute Chicken All Stage (800gx3) 2.4kg (116113)

Retail Price: SGD55.00

Supports health maintenance from early childhood to adulthood! Chicken kibble for all stages.

  • Lactic acid bacteria / oligosaccharide Combines lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides to maintain stomach health.
  • Eggshell calcium Formulated with eggshell calcium, which is easily absorbed, to maintain the skeletal health of young dogs to adults.
  • DHA / EPA evening primrose oil Formulated with DHA / EPA and evening primrose oil (γ-linolenic acid source) to maintain the health of skin and coat.
  • Heat resistant vitamin C Careful maintenance of pet dog's health with heat-resistant vitamin C and adjusted nutritional balance.
Main ingredient: Domestic chicken
Meat volume: 40% or more
Manufacturing: Miyakonojo Factory (Miyazaki Prefecture)
Comprehensive nutritional food [all growth stages]

2.4kg (800g x 3 bags)
Country of origin: Japan

Barcode : 4970768116113